How To Plan a Trip


There is nothing worse than your vacation turning into a series of stressful situations! It is the time that you look forward to relaxing times with all worries thrown out of the window!

All stressful situations during your vacation can be easily averted by a little planning before you embark on your vacation. For those who find planning daunting or cumbersome, we present some smart tips to make the entire thing, a smooth walk. Stay hooked!

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Decide on the destination

Yes, this is the first step as this will decide on your budget, duration of vacation, clothing and almost all aspects of travel. Even there, choose something more specific. For instance, you can decide to plan your visit around visiting several world heritage sites or maybe attending a particular famous festival taking place solely the tourism season.

A great tip is to visit tourism sites. You are likely to find some terrific deals as most countries promote tourism and offer great deals to attract tourists.

You can choose this website about where to stay tips, but there are several others quality websites, where you can find some excellent tips or excellent ideas about your next trip, for example, TripAdvisor or LonelyPlanet.

Deciding on the length and estimated cost of the trip

Next, you need to research on the cost required for the vacation for the duration you have in mind and the style that you desire to travel. Some areas are an expensive affair, and some areas prove quite economical.

Again, the style and the degree of comfort you are looking for will also impact your budget. This situation must include your local logistics, food accommodation, etc.

For instance, an essential day expense in Paris can hover around $75 excluding your flight fare. With this rough estimate, you can calculate your primary minimum requisite.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, you have more information and access than ever before to get the charges for all activities that you plan to do at your chosen destination.

Start saving money and get your credit card in order

The earlier that you start planning your holiday, the better it turns out to be. This happens because you have plenty of time to research, land some terrific deals and discounts for yourself and save money from start to go all out on your vacation without looking twice at your pocket.

There are plenty of ways to save money like getting a travel credit card which can fetch you a free bonus for signing-up, booking directly instead of going through an agent, booking early, researching various quotes given by different agencies, etc. For example, American Express credit cards worth it:

Again if you plan to stay for long at a place, an apartment proves much cheaper than a hotel. You can even cook for yourself and save precious dimes. There are plenty of ways in which you can save money before traveling as well as during your trip.

Check and book your flights

Next, you need to research and book your flights. Today, there are various apps and sites available that help you compare the prices of multiple flyings to your chosen destination. Moreover, long before the tourist season, most airlines offer attractive early bird discounts.

For example, Kayak offers a splendid possibility to book your flights.

This can add up to significant savings. You can also utilize your points from your travel credit card which helps to save significantly. Booking your trip gets a notable cost out of the way.

Book your accommodation

Regardless of your destination, you can find a range of accommodation, right from dormitories to luxurious five-star resorts. Depending on your budget and your tenure, you can book one that best fits your cost range and comfort.

If your pocket allows, it’s best to stay in an all facilities available resort or hotel so that you can enjoy even a day of relaxation in the resort. In case, you plan to travel extensively and are using the accommodation merely as a place to sleep and place your luggage; you can opt for the more economical ones.

Spending in a luxurious resort is useless if you do not plan to enjoy the pleasures it has to offer.

We recommend you book your next accommodation through a robust booking system which has many of hotels, for example, or TripAdvisor.

Research logistics

We often research food and accommodation of the destination we plan to visit, but we usually skip to examine the logistics. Thus, you might find yourself paying three to four times the fare to get to your accommodation from the airport.

Thanks to the internet, you can research and easily book a transportation beforehand to pick you from the airport as well as help you travel throughout the destination. Examining it gives you several options to compare as well as a bargain for a killer deal. It would also make your life lot easier and let you enjoy your vacation to the hilt.

Try to use Google maps (search “restaurant” in the chosen location) or install some local excellent restaurant app on your smartphone.

Prepare a rough itinerary

This is a crucial exercise in your planning journey. Check out all activities that you wish to indulge in, and it’s estimated cost as well as time. Make a planning of each of your day would help you enjoy all the activities and make necessary arrangements for it.

It is undeniable that you include adequate rest time into it as well. Take some hard printouts of it as well as store them on your smartphone.

The same should be made for all your other significant documents required for travel as well. If your friend or family is traveling along with you, store it in a second mobile as well, for example on DropBox or Google Drive.

Thus, if any documents get lost or misplaced, you can just get access to its copy.

Travel insurance

This may look frivolous but can reap substantial benefits by purchasing travel insurance for yourself. It helps safeguard you against numerous unexpected events like the sudden cancellation of your trip, a natural calamity like earthquake, flood or hurricane hitting your chosen destination, a terrorist incident or any such grave situations.

It also comes handy when you have fallen prey to theft or got your luggage or passport stolen. It also comes in handy if you suddenly face any medical situation like a fracture or accident while on the go!

Get all necessary equipment

If you lack the necessary equipment required for travel, you might lose out on much of fun and thrill. Some stuff is almost mandatory.

For instance, you only cannot move without a power bank (check our tips for top powerbanks here). It is not possible for you to charge your mobile in the middle of a safari expedition or any other activities.

Likewise, your makeup kit, binoculars, a good camera, terrific travel bags, and suitcases are just some of the items that are compulsory.

Also, don’t forget a power adapter, the correct one, which is using in your chosen country.

Your clothes need to be by the weather of your chosen destination. In case you plan to go swimming, snorkeling, etc., you must get the essential equipment.

Few types of equipment like a karaoke cannot be transported. However, you can quickly get them for hire. You must get all required equipment purchased or arranged for beforehand. Having a checklist ensures that you do not miss out on anything.


Finally, you need to pack all your stuff. However, remember to pack smart! Opt for versatile clothes that you can wear multiple times. Opt for things like packing cells or undergarments organizer to help you pack more efficiently. Varied tips are available that can help you pack real efficiently while traveling light!

Finally, walk the steps of your flight and have the time of your life! And remember to pen down your beautiful memories to reminiscence later!

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